More songs, more radio and rehearsals

Busy as always. We were in Safehouse Studios in Oxford over the weekend recording two tracks.

1 Bare. This is definitely a spring/summer single and sees us with a brass section for the first time ever - exciting!

2 Get Your Feet Out Of My Shoes - this will likely be the B side and fans of obscure minor hits from the mid 80s may recall this excellent song by the Boothill Foot Tappers.

Whilst recording, we were delighted to be told that Frank Skinner had kindly played Heavenly on his Absolute Radio show on Saturday morning which was exciting. Especially as Jody's parents happened to be walking around a Wiltshire charity shop that happened to be playing the show and the song when they were in it.

Rehearsing hard for live shows, the first one is our matinee show at Wales Goes Pop in Cardiff on April 16. Come along - tickets here. All our live shows are listed here

Oh and get a copy of Flicker if you haven't already!

Much love 

Jody, Niall, Alex, Pete, Rob, David x