Spinning, live show tickets and what's new...

Hello everyone,

Spinning - that's the name of our new song that is released July 9 - but we will share with our friends and fans well before then. Stay tuned for 2m.45s of JATJ's sharp, punchy jangle/indie/pop/punk melody. We appreciate that our EP Sensation was only released May 10 but in the absence of live shows, we continue to rehearse, write, record and release! And Sensation has been really well received - nice radio and press, and we sold a stack of CDs too. So we're keeping our foot on the gas. 

We've got our 'welcome back' show/party planned for September 11 in Oxford. Get a ticket if you are in town.

We still have some vinyl and CDs over in Bandcamp land and it means so much to us when people we have never met continue to buy our songs. Order CDs here and vinyl here.

Keep listening!