Jody and the Jerms formed in the Summer of 2019 in Oxford, England. 

Their first single Never Going Home (Oct 2019) was originally recorded in 1991 by the rarely- remembered New York shoe-gazers, The Belltower but Jody and the Jerms transformed it into a poppier, though no less pertinent, meditation on the futility of trying to relive Christmas’s past. 

Good reviews and radio play followed.

"Sounds like if Debbie Harry had fronted an indie band." 

"Unfettered, insistent jangly indie-pop directly from where the best of the 90’s started off before it’s potential was consumed by the shouty oafs of Britpop." 
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"The Oxford trio are bringing back harmony-laden indie pop with an unmistakable nostalgic edge."
Steve Janes - WithGuitars.com